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Urban Hippo – Party Rental Advertising

At Urban Hippo, making the perfect promo video for your party rental business is a breeze. Our videos are pre-made, so within no time you’ll have a personalized advert featuring your party products, services and logo. It couldn’t be easier!

Unlike some freelancer sites, we specialize in making marketing videos for the party rental industry. This is a really huge advantage, as all our designs are relevant to your business. Our bounce house adverts, for example, look very appealing to parents with children. This saves time and keeps costs down.

Our prices are fixed too! We don’t charge on a per hour basis, so this prevents you from getting charged higher from freelancers who’d need to create a project from scratch. LONGER TURNAROUND = GREATER COST

Our promo videos are easy to customize so they match your brand. Perhaps you only like to use a certain set of colors on your website or prefer a particular font? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll get your advert to match!

Whether your company specializes in inflatables, arcade machines, rodeo bulls or wedding entertainment, there’s a variety of creative promos to choose from!

With freelance work, it’s tends to be “finished with one job, on to the next.” At Urban Hippo, our after sales care is a key part of the process. We want your feedback so we can improve. What benefits you benefits us!

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